Data Brings Values

A leading big data company in Asia


Concept of Management​

Vpon takes “Data” as the heart of its business philosophy, from transitioning its core belief of “Data Drives Transactions” to “Data Brings Values”. Vpon dedicates on the value which brought by data instead of generating transactional behavior itself, including creating a fairer community, making elders and children get better care and benefit more from enterprises. ​

A “People-Oriented” Data Company

The corporate philosophy of Vpon is to create a “people-oriented” data company.​ A successful data company will only achieve the final success by data science and sensibility of human to strike the perfect balance between perception and rationality. Without one of them, none of the data companies can achieve the goal.​

Aim to serve as a company to help all business leaders​ make smarter decisions with DATA​

Aim to become the most valuable company on a global level by solving the core issues of all enterprises with data and bring the greatest value of data to all industries around the world.​ Vpon will not end its footstep just purely branded as an APAC level data company, we see it as a booster hub to extend ourselves from Taiwan to Asia and ultimately, become the premier GLOBAL data company.​​

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Taking up new challenges​​


Accepting new things and creating innovations​​​


Giving back to society with our achievements​​​


Operational Strategy​​

Geographical planning​

Aim to expand business globally. We have 7 offices in Asia, including Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Bangkok. Began in Taiwan and now we set our headquarter in Tokyo, we’ll further expand our business to Europe and America as the next step.​

Business planning​

Set up as an advertising company and transform gradually to a data company, we’ll develop our business into multiple industries with data to change the game and bring high efficiency, value and possibilities. ​


Business Globalization.​
Talent Localization.


Provide exclusive value which local markets are not able to provide by the core of our cross-border data​​.


All products & services mainly create value for clients only.

Brand Image​​

Most important is to demonstrate what we could bring to the society, Vponers, and shareholders. ​​​

Social Contributions​​​

Provide the value of “Give-and-Take” to establish virtuous cycle.​​


Internal Control System​

  • A. Directors and practitioners perform their duties in compliance with laws and the company's articles of association

    (a) Directors should abide by the company's business philosophy, basic mission and code of conduct. As a role model for all employees, continue to strengthen education and training of employees, strengthen the legal awareness of all employees, and create a corporate culture that gives top priority to law compliance.
    (b) The Company has established a Risk Compliance Committee, and the chairman is the chairman of the meeting, committed to enlightenment, promote compliance activities and ensure that the company's operations comply with the legal compliance system.
    (c) According to the supervision related regulations and supervision plan, the performance of directors' duties shall be supervised by the supervisor, who shall make recommendations to the directors for improvement.
    (d) If the director finds that other directors violate the law or the articles of association, they should immediately report to the supervisor and the board of directors
    (e) Internal auditors should investigate the actual operation of business operations and financial management according to the "Internal Oversight Regulations" to confirm whether the performance of employees' duties complies with the laws, the company's articles of association and internal regulations. If necessary, they should be urged to improve their deficiencies. In addition, internal auditors should report their audit results to the chairman.
    (f) When necessary, relevant external experts in law and accounting will be hired to prevent violations of the law and articles of association.
    (g) If there are legal doubts about business activities and the actions of directors and employees, the Group sets up a system for employees to report. This system strictly protects the relevant personal information of the informant when accepting the notification of legal compliance related consultations and illegal acts.
    (h) In order to ensure the reliability of financial reports and timely and appropriate disclosure of major company matters, the Group formulates various internal procedures such as "Accounting Regulations", and establishes and abides by the "Company Law" and "Financial Commodity Transaction Law (Japanese Law)" Decree system.

  • (a) The relevant information and documents of directors performing their duties shall be properly recorded, preserved, managed and in a state of easy retrieval in accordance with laws and internal regulations. When necessary, the application status should be checked, and the rules and regulations should be revised regularly.
    (b) Directors and supervisors may read documents and other materials when necessary.

  • (a) Corresponding to the risks in the operation of the Group, the "Risk Law Compliance Regulations" have been formulated to grasp the expected possible risks, and preventive measures have been set up to establish a system to minimize risk damage.
    (b) In the event of an unexpected emergency situation, the chairman of the board of directors will set up a countermeasures headquarters and take prompt measures to establish a system to prevent loss from expanding.

  • (a) In order to ensure the institutional basis for directors to perform their duties efficiently, in addition to holding a board of directors once a month, the Group holds temporary board meetings when necessary. In addition, regarding major management issues in the company's operations, it is necessary to discuss with the chairman at a designated meeting beforehand and then submit to the board for resolution.
    (b) Based on the business execution decided by the board of directors, the person in charge of each business and its responsibilities and execution procedures should be based on the detailed provisions in the "Organizational Regulations", "Business Separation Regulations" and "Duties Authority Regulations.

  • If the supervisor requires an auxiliary user for his job, it needs to be arranged after agreement with the supervisor. And the position of the user is not subject to the command and order of the directors and other department heads. In addition, the user's personnel changes, treatment and other related matters should be decided by the director and supervisor to ensure their independence under the director.

  • (a) The regular supervisors must be able to attend to important meetings in addition to the board of directors for the decision-making process and business execution of important meanings, and to read relevant written or other important documents about business execution for the determination of the decision, and request directors and employees to explain when necessary .
    (b) Directors and employees should immediately report on the execution of their business in response to the requirements of the supervisor.
    (c) The director shall immediately report to the supervisor if he finds any situation that may cause significant damage to the company.
    (d) The supervisor should attend the board of directors and state their opinions in due course.
    (e) Those who report to the supervisor should be protected from any negative effects. If any unfavorable situation is found to the reporter, appropriate measures shall be taken promptly to eliminate the impact.

  • The expenses incurred by the supervisor during the performance of his duties shall be paid immediately, except that the expenses are not necessary for his duties.

  • In order to ensure proper communication and perform effective monitoring business, the supervisor and the internal audit department and the accounting supervisor should maintain close cooperation, and at the same time exchange regular opinions with the chairman.

  • The Group insists that all actions comply with social norms, cut off all relations with the anti-social forces that cause social citizens' order and security threats, and the whole group is fully committed to corresponding implementation.

  • (a) According to the internal regulations "Management Regulations of Related Companies", it serves as a framework to ensure the proper operation of the Group. The management of the affiliated company is the responsibility of the "operations and planning department". When any major violation of the law and other major violations is found in the affiliated company, the "operations and planning minister" shall immediately report to the board of directors.
    (b) The head of the internal audit office, in accordance with the "Internal Supervision Regulations", is required to regularly conduct internal audits of affiliated companies and report the results to the chairman. In addition, if any major violations of the law and other major violations are found in the affiliated company, the chairman shall immediately report to the board of directors and the supervisor meeting. If necessary, each supervisor should deal with directors, Department heads and employees conduct interviews.


Company Information

Company Name

Vpon Holdings Inc.


June 21, 2019

Fiscal Year End


Business Activities

  • Big Data analysis using internally developed AI
  • Data licensing
  • Data marketing consulting
  • Smartphone advertisement platform
  • Smartphone advertisement agent, management services
  • Inbound digital marketing consulting
  • Data management platform creation


161 (As of March 4, 2020)


  • CEO: Victor Wu
  • CSO: Yoshitaka Shinohara
  • Director : Cathy Su
  • External Director: Su Tong
  • External Director : Shan Qi
  • Auditor : Song-Po Hsu
  • Part-time Auditor: Yu-Jen Hsu
  • Part-time Auditor : Kohei Morinaga
  • COO : Arthur Chan
  • CFO : Nancy Huang
  • CDO : Hood Chang